About Yves

Yves Bayle, born on May 20th, 1962 in France.

“Coming from a rich history in management and finance I have always considered that management is exercised through competence, effort, and integrity.

With a 35-year-old career and many record-breaking performances I know what it takes to be innovative and a strong leader.”

Fluent in French and English, with Luxembourg and French citizenships. Divorced father of two children. Current place of residence, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.


1978-1980: Baccalaureat Economics .

1980-1981: Two years postgraduate diploma in Economics/ University of Economics France

1994-1996: Master in Company Management and Finance / France

Professional Career:

After 6 years spent in various prestigious banking institutes, I joined the investment banking subsidiary of Crédit Lyonnais to be appointed head of corporate services. I developed and implemented a development strategy that enabled this division to represent 40% of the bank’s income. My career was boosted by it and I was appointed director and member of the executive committee at the age of 34. A record for Luxembourg.

To maintain our competitiveness in this field of activity, I then proposed an action plan containing my vision of the future and the changes necessary for our sustainability. Unfortunately, it was refused by the shareholder for vague reasons of non-competition with other entities of the same group. I, therefore, decided to propose this action plan to another group which accepted it and I became CEO of a bank in Luxembourg at 37 and a half, where I accomplished another record. This action plan worked perfectly from 2000 to 2004, a period during which, according to an independent and serious evaluation, the bank’s valuation had increased substantially by more than 8 digits.

Mid of 2004, I felt strong enough to take an ultimate challenge: creation of my own Group. That’s how FAST Group is born in 2004. After less than 2 years of activity FAST managed to reach assets under management of more than 10 digits.

Over these few decades of hard work, I’ve always applied the same rules which can be sum up as follow:

” estimate the challenge, analyze the facts, find the appropriate strategy and act”

With all of this said, my career can be divided into three parts:

1. Building Experiences 1983-1987

Chase Manhattan Bank: 2 years, financial controller in charge of financial and accounting reports, implementation of the IT department.

Credit & Trust Company Luxembourg: 2 years, Corporate Administrator.

2. Career Mastery 1988-2004

International Trade and Investment Bank: 2 years, Deputy Head and Head of Operations.

Banque Colbert Luxembourg (sub of Credit Lyonnais): 10 years, Head of Corporate & Investment Fund Services, Member of the Executive Committee

Investment Bank Luxembourg: 4 years, Chief Executive Officer

3. Creation of my Group of Companies since 2004


Founder and Chairman of the Board. (regulated by the Financial Services Commission to provide setting up and administrative services to regulated Funds).


Q (Dubai) previously UFP Corporate Service Provider L.L.C (Dubai)

Founder and Managing Partner. ( Management Consultancies license delivered by the Department of Economic Development )


Primary Project Management L.L.C.(Dubai)

Managing Partner. ( Project Management license delivered by the Department of Economic Development )


Odyssey Project Management (Dubai)

Managing Partner. ( Project Management license delivered by the Department of Economic Development )


Even close to 60, I’m still thinking:  what’s next……Important deals are currently under gestation. That’s my motivation and muscle.