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Announcing Yves Bayle’s New Partnership with International Assurance Ltd PCC Mauritius

Yves Bayle, owner and Managing Partner at QMC, is pleased to announce that on May 21st, 2024, he entered into an advisory agreement with International Assurance Ltd PCC Mauritius (IAL). This collaboration represents a significant advancement in expanding his services and offering clients superior insurance solutions.

Through this partnership, Yves Bayle is now equipped to advise and refer his customers to IAL for their insurance needs, with a particular focus on life insurance products supported by real economy investments. This ensures robust protection for their assets.

Yves Bayle is confident that this collaboration with the IAL team will be highly beneficial, and he looks forward to referring his first customers to them soon. The synergy between his firm and IAL promises to deliver exceptional value and security to his clients.

For more information about International Assurance Ltd PCC Mauritius, please visit their website.