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Odyssey Project Management, A New Way Of Managing Projects

With a strong and diversified experience in financial organizations and coming from a rich history in management, financial and corporate services, Yves Bayle decided to create Odyssey Project Management. Yves Bayle is a businessman who has a career spanning 35 years in banking and project management and is also the founder of FAST Ltd and UFP Corporate Services Dubai. The prime objective of Odyssey Project Management is to create a platform that can manage large-scale projects.

Yves Bayle, Managing Partner of Odyssey Project Management

Yves Bayle was born on May 20th, 1962 France. With a long history in finance and management, he has always believed the management process is conducted through efficiency, hard work, and honesty. After a career that spans 35 years and a number of record-breaking performances, he knows the requirements to be an innovative and powerful leader. He is fluent in French and English, with Luxembourg and French citizenships. His current residence is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

His career

After spending six years at several prestigious banking institutions, Yves Bayle joined the investment banking division that is part of Credit Lyonnais to be appointed the Head of Corporate Services. Yves Bayle designed and implemented a growth strategy that allowed the division to account for 40 percent of the bank’s revenues. His career was enhanced by it, and Yves Bayle was made Director and a member of the Executive Committee that made up the executive at the age of 34. Record for Luxembourg.

To ensure their competitiveness in this area of activity, Yves Bayle put forward an action plan with his future vision and the necessary changes to ensure their long-term sustainability. However, it was rejected by the shareholder based on unclear reasons that they were not competing with other entities within the same company. Yves Bayle then took the decision to present this plan to a different group, which was accepted, and Yves Bayle was appointed CEO of an institution in Luxembourg at the age of 37 and a half. This was where Yves Bayle broke another record. This plan of action worked flawlessly between 2000 and 2004, during which time, according to an independent and rigorous assessment, the bank’s worth had risen significantly in excess of 8 numbers.

In the middle of 2004, Yves Bayle was confident enough to accept an enormous challenge: the creation of the FAST Group. This is the way FAST Group was born in 2004. In less than two years of existence, FAST was able to attain assets under management that were over 10 digits.

Odyssey Project Management

Odyssey Project Management has as its principal goal to manage massive projects. Each project is distinct in the sense that it isn’t an ordinary routine, but rather a specific set of processes that are designed to achieve a specific purpose.

We are living in a highly changing world and one should be able to adapt himself to several changes and even forecast them in order to conduct successful projects and business.

With our deep and connected network together with our experienced professionals, Odyssey Project Management is the bridge to success between each project and its realization.

Our missions include enhanced due diligence process integrity and integrity investigations as well as risk advisory assessments, the search for the funding, and the most appropriate counterparts to realize the project.

“Estimate the challenge, analyze the facts, find the appropriate strategy and act” – Yves Bayle.

Odyssey Project Management plans to encourage and support large structures in Africa and the Far East regions. They cover a wide range of interests, ranging from Petrol and oil, green energy, and waste management to communications, transport, and road.

Although Odyssey Project Management has been created in the last few weeks, the efforts of its team have been recognized. The first transactions being implemented or are at an advanced stage have been reached in Algeria as well as in the Kingdom of Morocco for a global size of over $500 million. Other major projects are expected to be close to completion. We’re excited to see what’s coming up for Odyssey Project Management and how their projects will develop over the next year.