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Quantum Prime Management Consultancies LLC

Founder and Managing Partner ( Management Consultancies license delivered by the Department of Economic Development )

General Information

Company Name: Quantum Prime Management Consultancies LLC (QMC)

Founded: 2022

Previous Name: UFP Corporate Service Provider L.L.C (Dubai)


Owner and Managing Partner: Yves Bayle

General Manager: Stephane Jourdain

Company Description

Quantum Prime Management Consultancies LLC (QMC) is a well-established consultancy firm, founded in 2022 under the previous name of UFP Corporate Service Provider L.L.C (Dubai). Under the leadership of Owner and Managing Partner Yves Bayle and General Manager Stephane Jourdain, QMC is renowned for its proficiency in conducting in-depth research and delivering invaluable insights and data-driven recommendations to clients.

At QMC, our core services encompass:

  • Research: QMC demonstrates excellence in thorough research, enabling the company to provide clients with in-depth insights and data-driven recommendations.

  • Investment Analysis: QMC offers comprehensive investment analysis, empowering clients with informed decision-making.

  • Valuation / Creation of Bespoke Structures: QMC specializes in crafting customized financial structures to optimize asset management.

  • Corporate Financing: Our experts at QMC possess the expertise required to secure corporate financing solutions that drive business growth.

  • Strategy Review: QMC evaluates your business plan and strategic objectives, offering guidance to enhance your strategies.

Recognizing that each client has unique needs and goals, QMC tailors its services to specific requirements. The company’s mission is to provide unwavering support throughout your business journey, from initial planning to the successful realization of your objectives.

Company Contact Information

Phone: +971 456 457 80

Location: Quantum Prime Management Consultancies LLC, Anantara Downtown Dubai Business Tower, Office 1903, Business Bay, PO BOX 415625, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Email: [email protected]


Open Hours: Mon – Sat, 09.00 – 18.00